Monday, June 20, 2016

The Bookwyrm's Review of Dead Man: Black Magic Outlaw by Domino Finn

Author: Domino Finn

 Publisher: Blood and Treasure

Release Date: 12/24/2015 ebook, 5/6/16 Audible

Length : 296 pages, 7 hrs and 57 mins Audible

Narrator: Neil Hellegers

Cisco Suarez wakes up in a dumpster in his hometown of Miami, having no idea how he got there. As he climbs out, he notices his hair is longer than usual, he has a lot more muscle than he remembers, some new tattoos, oh, and a car load of Haitian voodoo gangster's at the end of the alley saying that they killed him yesterday, but since it didn't take, hey, they'll be happy to repeat the job. 

That is the start of the wild series of adventures Cisco has, as he finds out he has been dead for 10 years, and everything he knew in the past has changed. His family was murdered, his friends are being targeted, and someone definitely wants him dead. Well, Cisco Suarez will have something to say about that. Using his magical skills and street smarts, Cisco will uncover a conspiracy much bigger than himself, but will he be able to deal with the much bigger fish in his pond? Get a copy and find out in the enjoyable conclusion.

 With a fast paced plot, snarky but endearing main character, and villains you can really loathe, this is a great new urban fantasy addition to any collection. The action taking place in Miami, with its hodgepodge of cultural influences only makes this a more interesting and fun book.

As far as narration, this was the first time I had heard Neil Hellegars, but hopefully not the last, since he does a great job bringing out the snark in Cisco while still keeping him likeable. Excellent job narrating. Any fan of Jim Butcher or Tim Marquitz's Demon Squad books will enjoy this book.

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